From the beginning Steve wanted his shop to be different. He had seen other shops that were "simply set in their ways." They were using the same inks that they had been using since they opened. Same needles. Steve felt this lead to the "same tattoos." Despite the accolades that had been bestowed upon him Steve knew his work wasn't the best. And to be the best he had to learn. So he promised himself that he would continue to learn thoughout his career. And Vertigo would feature an environment that encouraged learning.

Soon he had more work than he could handle so he brought in more artists. He introduced new inks that could be tattooed into the skin easier. These new inks were also more durable and brighter. The tattoo artists were encouraged to draw in their free time. Body piercers were encouraged to go beyond the basic navel, nostril and ear piercings.

It worked! We have a huge client base that grows each and every day. Any tattoo shop owner can claim they have been in business for 20, 40 or a million years. But can they say that they have been studying their craft for that long? We can. We are always seeking new ways to improve our techniques in tattooing and piercing. We keep learning so that anything you have us to do for you is done as painlessly and cleanly as possible.

The Vertigo Philosophy

We believe a tattoo shop should be a place where a person can feel at ease. How can you get what you want if you can't talk to the artist doing the tattoo? You can ask us questions! You can expect to get the tattoo or piercing you want at a fair price. We love to laugh! We love to make our customers happy. We love hearing that we do great work so we strive to do just that!

Steve Cupp