How to get a tattoo - the basics

I am always seeking serious clients looking to get serious tattoos. That being said here are some notes to ponder. 

Calling me and asking for an estimate or a “ballpark” idea will get you nowhere. If you want a price on a tattoo you should expect to actually visit the tattoo shop. Rarely is someone too far away for a visit! And how convinced will we be of your intentions if all we get is a phone call? Our minimum is $40.

Steve’s email address is Feel free to text Steve at 5139071296. You can send me pics and I can send you prices and ideas. Easy enough?


WARNING. Do not contact me unless you are 18 or older. I will not answer your questions. Deposits will not be refunded because your parents won't bring you in so don't waste your time nor my time.

Expect to put a deposit down if you expect me to work for you. I don’t put pencil to paper without a deposit. I don’t make appointments without a deposit. So calling me to make an appointment won’t result in you actually having an appointment. Email, email, email. Text, text, text. You can send me pictures of what you want via email. I can send Paypal links for you to make deposits via email. I love texts. Expect me to request a deposit if you request a drawing or an appointment.

Don’t be late. Plan on being early for your appointment. I will skip you and keep your deposit if you’re late. Parking in Oxford is a complete pain in the ass so plan ahead.