Our sterilization procedures

Vertigo has nothing to hide.

We have two autoclaves. In order for an autoclave to be used for sterilization in our shop it must tested weekly by an independent company. We use Enviro-tech laboratories inc. Each week (thursday) a little packet containing live spores is placed in the autoclave and a cycle is ran. Then the packet is sent to Enviro-tech labs. They put the contents of the packet into a petri dish and try to get them to grow. If they witness growth we receive a phone call and the autoclave is removed from service. If the autoclave did its job all of the spores died through the sterilization process. We keep a log of the spore tests we have performed. It has in it each report that we have received for the past 48 months. You can ask us and we will show it to you.

The ONLY things we reuse in tattooing are the grip tubes. They are scrubbed, bagged and sterilized in our autoclave.

The only thing we reuse in a body piercing are the forcepts, tapers and receiving tubes.

EVERYTHING ELSE is single use. Used on you and disposed of!

(For some piercings everything is single use and single serving!)

Guess what else?

Periodically we are inspected by the Butler County Health Department. For each inspection we get a sheet showing us where we need improvement. The latest inspection sheet sits right in our jewelry case for all to see. Ask us if you can't find it.