Deposit Rules:


As I write these rules I realize that the majority of our clients are sensible and responsible people. But it seems there are those who, well, have other plans. Here are the rules!

Deposits are not refundable


It cannot be stressed enough that you need to be on time to your appointment. We ask that you arrive fifteen minutes early so we can complete paperwork, have a conversation about the tattoo, etc. If you are more than ten minutes late to your appointment it will be canceled and you will forfeit your deposit. Do some research into how long it takes you to travel to the shop and then add several minutes (or an hour)! We want your experience to be a positive one so please don’t begin the process by arriving late. 


Tattoos taking less than an hour require a deposit of 40% in order to make an appointment. Tattoos taking longer than two hours and all Saturday appointments require a deposit of 50%. The deposit is not refundable and goes towards the cost of your tattoo. 


If multiple people make an appointment each is responsible separately for making the deposit. 


If your friend(s) backs out you may not apply their deposit towards your tattoo. They will forfeit their deposit.  


Appointments are accepted on a first come first served basis. Just because you spoke with us about a tattoo on a certain date doesn’t mean you have an appointment. You don’t have an appointment until a deposit is paid. 


You can reschedule you appointment once with a 48 hours notice. If you need to reschedule for a second time you will need to pre-pay for the tattoo before a third appointment will be given. 


Remember that you aren’t the only person with an appointment. So if you’re sending us messages during business hours they will go unanswered as I am tattooing other people. A message or phone call saying you will be late is not an excuse for being late. Don’t be late. 


If you arrive without your ID, drunk, high, smelling of alcohol or marijuana, your appointment will be canceled and your deposit forfeited.


Changing your design within 48 hours of your appointment may result in you being rescheduled and another deposit paid. 

Again, we can’t stress enough to be punctual. We didn’t set out to have such stringent rules in writing but, alas, there are too many people who feel as if our time simply isn’t important.