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How to get a tattoo appointment:


        Sending pics is the easiest way. Links to the artists’ various Facebook pages, Instagram, cell phones are on their respective pages. (Stopping into the shop works as well!)


      Don’t send pics of actual tattoos, send pics of what you want. An example would be if you want a rose then send us an image of a “rose” and not a picture of a “rose tattoo”. We don’t copy other artists work so send originals.


      Please don’t send descriptions as we will simply ask for pics. 

      If you’re under 18 do NOT contact us! Please see our FAQ page concerning tattooing and piercing minors.


      We will need to know how big, in inches, and where you want it at on you. 


      Once we get a design, size, and placement agreed upon, a link will be sent to put down a deposit. Click here to see our deposit policies.

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